Our second featured client is David Willardson an LA based artist who approached us in 2010 to discuss building custom boxes to house limited edition print sets.  We’ve been making these boxes for David ever since.


American artist David Willardson is notable for having introduced and pioneered the rebirth of airbrush in the 60’s. While working as a commercial artist, he created some well remembered and particularly admired images, such as the “RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK” movie logo and the famous “AMERICAN GRAFFITI” Car Hop. He has created numerous Album Covers (THE BEACH BOYS, LITTLE RICHARD, STYX), Magazine Covers (ROLLING STONE, TIME, NEWSWEEK),
and memorable Movie Posters for Disney (“THE LITTLE MERMAID,” “ALADDIN,” “THE LION KING, and many more). For the past decade, Willardson has once again pioneered a new painting style, labeled by the Japanese market as “PEP ART” – action painting done with energy and passion.

What is your website address?


How did you find your start in your current field?

While working with the Disney Studios creating their animation feature film movie posters, I decided to experiment
with a painting technique similar to Jackson Pollack (action painting with colorful paint splatters)…painting the classic
Disney characters i.e. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, etc. The Fine Art division of Disney heard about these paintings
and told me that they have a market for this work, and the market was Japan. That was 15 years ago.

What does a typical day of work look like for you?

The joy of being a fine artist is never having to set an alarm, and every day is an adventure – it is a “joy” to spend each day painting.

Who or what most inspires you at the moment?

I love looking at the work of other artists. I visit art shows and galleries as often as possible and I find inspiration in almost every show.

What is your dream project?

My dream project would be to do a “residency” show in Japan where I would work for 3 months at the Gallery, starting and completing a show in front of a daily audience. Many years ago, Keith Haring did exactly that same type of show. When he went to Japan to do the residency show, he was not well known. When he left to return to the U.S., he had over a thousand people following him to the airport. It was a huge success.

Describe the importance or significance of a professional presentation to you and your work?

Ten years ago, we presented a concept of housing four limited edition prints in a signature de-bossed, beautifully designed custom box. We presented to a group of 100 art collectors and if we had a 100 boxes available that afternoon, we would have sold every one of them. That was the beginning of creating a limited edition custom box set. We are still producing to this day and it truly is a beautiful art piece.

What aspects do you most love about your work?

Not only is every day a joy to paint, but my style of painting is such great fun, and I’ve always said if it’s not fun, I’m not gonna do it.

What are the most challenging?

There are not many deadlines, but when there are, that can be challenging.

What would you wish to share with a younger you, or someone just getting a start in your field?

My particular field requires passion – if you don’t have passion, the work will lack soul. Without passion and soul, it isn’t ART.

Thanks David for sharing your thoughts with us.  Below are some images of the custom boxes we make for David and the prints that go into them. You can see more of David’s work at davidwillardson.com