Here at Kristin Dunn Bookbinding & Design we receive a lot of requests for portfolio and box sets. While we love creating these layered presentations sometimes a single structure is a more appropriate solution.  In these cases we recommend ring binder boxes.  Ring binders are incredibly user friendly which is why people like them so much.  Just a simple click of the mechanism and you can add and remove pages quickly.  The standard 3 hole configuration of the ring mechanisms make punching holes totally stress free.  And the pages turn very easily without needing to worry about page formatting since the entire page is visible.  Ring Binder Boxes take the traditional ring binder to the next level by creating a sturdy and secure structure that is sure to impress any viewer.  Here is a sampling of some ring binder boxes that we’ve created for clients over the years.



















































As you can see ring binder boxes can be embossed or foil stamped with your name or company logo and can be made in any covering material that you choose.  The cover, tray and liners can all be the same color or you can choose a different color for each part of the box.  All of our ring binder boxes are custom made to order so contact us to discuss your needs. Email