We are starting a new blog series called The Client Profiles. We love and appreciate our clients and want to share their unique and interesting stories with you.  We will be focusing on the type of work they do and how they use our custom made products to enhance their creative careers and businesses.  First up is Cindi Stephan a Bay Area wedding photographer who recently went through a very successful rebranding and reached out to us to produce some packaging for USB drives that she gives to her clients.


Cindi Stephan, Owner, Photographer; Company: Two Irises – I’m a wedding and event photographer in the SF Bay Area and Wine Country. I approach wedding photography as a photojournalist. My aim is to document genuine emotion and to capture the unique story and personality of each couple and their wedding, limiting direction and staging to what can facilitate that end. I utilize natural light as much as possible and strive to create classic, timeless images.

What is your website address?

twoirises.com instagram: @twoirises


How do you utilize your custom made Kristin Dunn Bookbinding & Design product for your business?

I present the final product, a custom bamboo usb drive with the full set of high resolution wedding photos, in a ribbon-tied drop spine flip top box designed and crafted by Kristin Dunn Bookbinding & Design. This presentation gives reverence to the treasure of their wedding day memories that I am presenting to my clients. I receive frequent and gracious comments on its loveliness.

What aspects do you most love about your work?

I love emotion and weddings are full of them – from anticipatory nervousness to awe and tears to private moments acknowledging the new status (“we are married!”) to the spoken sentiments of vows and toasts. It
isn’t uncommon for me to wipe away a few tears behind the camera. I am honored with a very privileged view of some of the most intimate and memorable moments in one’s life.

What are the most challenging?

Long hours of editing can be challenging. I love the work of editing, but I would prefer to spend fewer hours at my computer. However I am still attached to my own editing sensibilities so haven’t yet handed the job over to an assistant.

What would you wish to share with a younger you, or someone just getting a start in your field?

Be very humble. Don’t take on more than you are ready for. Providing the official wedding photos is a massive responsibility. Of all the things that could go wrong on a wedding day don’t let it be the photography. Do a LOT of second shooting to experience all the challenges, unexpected moments and obstacles, and observe a seasoned professional handle the challenging situations, both interpersonal and technical. After 17 years I still work as a second shooter on occasion to gain perspective and inspiration. Carry back-up equipment – be ready to carry on should any part of your gear malfunction, and back up everything!

Thanks to Cindi for being part of this series.  Here are some of her images and be sure to visit her website www.twoirises.com

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